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Do you really need to see a GP or can you deal with your minor ailments yourself with the help of a pharmacist? Before calling the surgery, please consider self-care options or local pharmacies.

Pharmacists are expert healthcare professionals who can give advice and recommend treatments for a wide range of minor health conditions as well as offer advice on diet, stop smoking support and general health advice. Your pharmacist can explain the normal duration of ailments and give advice on symptom relief. Remember that you don’t need antibiotics for colds and flu.

Click here for more information on how to treat yourself for a variety of minor ailments. Please also visit our Info Zone for more self-care resources.

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Fax: 01625-548-287


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Email: To send us an Email, please use the secure messaging system Email Wilmslow Health Centre. (Please note, you may need to register with reception to use the system for the first time).


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